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 Chapter 1: Bruce Wayne (this are all tentative)

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PostSubject: Chapter 1: Bruce Wayne (this are all tentative)   Tue Oct 21, 2008 2:31 pm

Chapter 1: Bruce Wayne
Mission 01 - Why Do We Fall?
Bruce Wayne has ran away from Gotham City but first take a trip around Gotham showing it's rotting core then the last stop is Falcone's Hangout. We get inside, and we'll fight some of Falcone's thugs, but right before we kill them, a cutscene comes in where they beat us and throws us out the door.After losing that fight to Falcone's thugs, we must head to the docks and get on board without being spotted.

Mission 02 - Im No Criminal
Bruce is accepted into a small hong kong gang, Assist the gang in some hijacking missions of trucks with Wayne Enterprises logo. On the last drop out, a cutscene loads, and we're busted.

Mission 03 - Training is nothing
Unarmed training
-Bruce is taught by Ducard how to fight. On the foggy snowy mountain peak, Bruce has to take down 3 unarmed men, one at a time.
(Failing is ok but defeat them all and receive stronger attacks)

Mission 04 – Will is Everything
Armed training
Bruce is given a sword, and must take down 3 men with them.
- The same thing as the above, but with Ducard watching in background.
wave/text: Ducard says: ["You know how to fight 6 men. We'll teach you to engage 600."]
Then the a mini boss fight with Ducard begins.

Mission 05 – Someone Needs Gotham
Boss fight with the fake Ra’s Al Ghul and Ducard again. After he defeats Ducard's, escape Ra’s Al Ghul’s mansion and defeat all the ninjas who tries to stop you. Contact Alfred and take a plane back to Gotham.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: Bruce Wayne (this are all tentative)   Sun Feb 08, 2009 8:41 am

loving it! really great ideas!

just want to know though i think that these missions can only be played once and you can never return to the mountain!

obvioulsy you will return to hong kong but it is only when the story takes you there you can go there on your own! you can only free roam in gotham and choose more where to go!

i guess there is some free roaming to do in hong kong but you can only do as i said when the story takes you there!

but loving the ideas
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Chapter 1: Bruce Wayne (this are all tentative)
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