GTA:Gothams Knight

A New Batmod for GTA SA Full TC
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 Gotham knight gta4?

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PostSubject: Gotham knight gta4?   Sun Feb 08, 2009 3:23 am


is it true that the batman begin/dark knight mod for gta sa dead?

and this is the same mod but different name?

and i heard a rumor that this mod is going to be for GTA4?

if so i think its a great idea as its a city that looks a million more time like gotham than ever gtasa did! its dark and big and busy!

the only thing is you may have to ulta the weather effects alittle which i dont thing would be to hard! i dont think i could do it but i am sure some one can! you need to make it either night all the time and then it rains and gets foggy at times or do all that but you can have daylight as well but its missrable weather so storms, raining and fog! cause people are going to want to be in gotham and it has to be dark and missrable!! like the new films other than that! that city will work!

now i just hope Gta 4 will work on my pc! i have it for ps3 but dont think you can mod it and i dont want to anyway!
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Gotham knight gta4?
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